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V 05-15-01

We Are The Law!

Some quick notes for all you law’n’order types out there:

This is a codex in work still, with a lot of more to go! Several short stories are still to be finished & added, plus I’d like to add a sample army list and possibly a tactics article too. Once its finished, hopefully we’ll see it in Citadel Journal (the more people writing in to the Journal staff urging them to print it the better too! They are at Alas, no plans for this to appear in White Dwarf though.

Permission is given for people to post this up on websites, or email it around, or make copies for others. Spread it around! Only restrictions are please don’t change anything, keep the email address below correct, and keep my name on it. The goal is for others to try out the list & comment back, especially on the new missions added at the end. Please email me back if you post it up on your website too – I’d love to check out how it looks!

When emailing back with playtest results, please list out:

  • Points used
  • Mission played, and who was attacker/defender
  • Rough army lists for each army
  • Who won, and details if possible as to why
  • What worked, what didn’t rules-wise. Which rules were forgotten, or got in the way of the fun. Etc.
  • Anything else you can think of. The more comments the better! Suggestions are fine too.

Thanks in advance to everyone in advance, and may all your traffic tickets get lost in the computer.

Tim Huckelbery
Chief Judge


This list is designed to replace the existing Adeptus Arbites list from Citadel Journal 29. The goal is to add some new forces, weapons, and vehicles to make it a more rounded and challenging army. It also assumes you know something about the Adeptus Arbites, as I haven’t written any fluff up yet. It will get added though, not to worry! 

For now though, all you need to know that the Arbites are the planetary Imperial Police force. They are independent of the planet’s Governor, reporting directly to the Adeptus Terra. Indeed, one of their primary functions is to keep a careful watch on the planetary rulers for signs of treasonous activities! They are not really there for actual armed combat or to fight wars, but more for maintaining order, suppressing uprisings, crushing any criminal or revolutionary activities, and generally keeping the populace in line. As such, many of their weapons are not lethal but more aimed at crowd control. They have limited heavy firepower to deal with armed insurrectionists, but against heavy opposition or actual alien invasions their main job is to hold out as long as possible and call for aid. 


Rulebook/Codex Updates: You may choose the following from the Heroes of the Imperium section of the 40K Rulebook to join your Arbites force: Inquisitor, Missionary, Confessor (all count as HQ selections).

  • A Preacher may be chosen to join and lead an Arbites Patrol Team.
  • One Assassin may be chosen as per Codex: Assassins for an Arbites force.
  • One Judge or Marshall chosen from the list below may be added to a Imperial Guard or Sisters of Battle army as an HQ choice. They may be given an Escort Squad if desired.
  • One Patrol Team may be included as a Troops force selection choice in any Space Marine (except Dark Angels), Imperial Guard, or Sisters of Battle force (or any other forces of the Imperium that additionally be created), unless specifically stated otherwise.


Strategy Rating: Arbite forces have a Strategy Rating of 1. They roll before their opponent rolls, and may re-roll their single D6 score though, but must accept the second result even if lower. Arbite forces also use a Vehicle Leadership Value of 7 for campaign use. For Missions involving Sentries, use ten Patrol Team Arbitrators (Initiative 3).

Call for Backup! Depending on the size of the enemy they face, a beleaguered Arbite precinct will often call on reinforcements. Only one unit of reinforcements can be taken and can use any unit options it would have normally. Each starts the game in Reserve, even if the mission does not use that special rule. They will enter play from the Arbites side of the board (or a random board side if the Arbites did not start from a side).

Reinforcements do not count towards your normal force selections, but any points spent on reinforcements do indeed count towards your army points value. 

Enemy Size Reinforcements
0-1000 pts Nothing to see here, go about your business! No reinforcements allowed
1001-1500 pts Just a minor disturbance! One Imperial Guard Infantry Squad or one Hive Gang Militia unit*
1501-2000 pts For Church & State! One Battle Sisters Squad or any other options for lower points forces
2001 pts and higher Call out the Marines! One Space Marine Tactical Squad** or any other options for lower points forces
* See Codex: Armageddon for details
** Or the equivalent depending on the Chapter
(Grey Hunters for Space Wolves, Battle Squad for Black Templars, etc)

The Thin Blue Line: Arbite forces are commonly the final line of defence on many Imperial planets, knowing that they must hold on until off-planet forces can arrive. They also command valuable munitions and communications equipment, which enemy forces are eager to capture as quickly as possible. Thus an Adeptus Arbites force may always choose to be Defender in any missions where Attacker and Defender designations are used.

Precinct Defences: In any missions allowing the Arbites force to use Fortifications, the player may also choose Turret Emplacements. These are selected as below, and do not limit the Arbite player from also choosing Fortifications such as Bunkers as normal. Turret Emplacements are chosen using the rules from the Imperial Armour book with the following changes:

  • Crew will be 3 Arbitrators armed with Boltguns
  • Each Turret Emplacement counts as a Heavy Support selection
  • Additional Weapon Options: Heavy Webber (+20 points), Water Cannon (+10 points)

All original concepts © Tim Huckelbery. Last modified 08-06-01. Disclaimer: This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Warhammer and Arbites are trademarks of Games Workshop Limited and are used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended.